Becker BK7 Piggyback Sheath

$69.00 — $84.00

For a detailed description of each of our options see our Sheath Options page.

This custom KYDEX®sheath is for the Becker BK7 and your choice of either the BK11, BK13, or BK14 piggy backed on the main sheath.  The retention on this sheath is great.  You will have no worries of your knife falling out.  Yet at the same time the design allows for an smooth and easy draw.

Comes with a 5/16″ diameter ferrocerium firesteel mounted to the side of the sheath.  A great way to always have fire with you.  Just scrape it with a piece of hard steel such as the back of your knife to emit long lasting sparks.  A shock cord loop holds the firesteel in place as it wears down.  The attachment is removable.

Choose either a black buffalo leather belt loop for strength and flexibility, a KYDEX® belt clip that will clip either onto a belt or waistband, or a slight drop leg nylon webbing loop that hangs from a “D” ring for maximum flexibility.  Fits a 2 inch belt.

Standard colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab

Custom colors available for special order for additional $10.00 per sheath.  Additional wait may apply.  Click here to view colors.

Add milled slots for $10.00 to give additional tie out room and a sweet look.

Sheath Only! Knife not included.