Back in 2009, Matt procured a high-quality blank steel from a craftsman in the UK and fashioned his own bushcraft knife. It was perfect! But then came the challenge of figuring out how to carry the knife. Since Matt wasn't skilled in working with leather, he decided to experiment with KYDEX.


His first KYDEX sheath was formed by heating it in his kitchen oven. Although the sheath lacked professional appearance and detail, it held the knife securely. This marked the beginning of a new hobby, which eventually led to the birth of a family business.


Over the years, Matt continued to refine his skills in working with KYDEX, until he had mastered the art of crafting a sheath that he was proud of. Friends and family began requesting KYDEX sheaths for their knives that came with less than desirable factory sheaths. In order to support his new hobby, Matt began selling his creations on Ebay. As demand grew, he made more and more sheaths until his part-time hobby turned into a full-time business.

Here at Grizzly Outdoors, we have combined our love for the outdoors and our years of experience in the woods with the versatility and durableness of KYDEX® sheet to create quality products that work for you. 

Strong... Durable... Reliable... Customizable... Functional... Beautiful... Quality...

 Simply the best. 


{and it's American made!}


Many years of experience have gone into the design of our highly functional, quality sheaths.  We use our sheaths in the woods and understand how important it is that your sheath works for you.  

Each sheath is individually handcrafted for the best retention, strength, and quality.  Because each sheath is handcrafted not mass-produced by machine, please expect minor variances in each sheath.

The retention on each sheath is great - nice and tight with a smooth draw.  Each sheath is individually tested for the best retention by shaking upside down.  You will have no worries of your knife falling out during normal use. This tight retention would make it difficult to remove the sheath if it weren't for our special thumb break design that allows for an easy draw.  (Disclaimer: the knife will come out if forcibly whipped.  If it didn't you wouldn't be able to draw it smoothly.  But the force it takes to whip the knife out of the sheath does not typically ocur during normal use.) 

We specifically choose to use .093 thick KYDEX® wherever possible instead of the .080 thick KYDEX® that many others use.  This provides a stronger, more rigid sheath with less flex and a consistent, reliable retention.  (Please note that the camo colors only come in .080 thick KYDEX®.  We compensate for this by using a complimentary solid color KYDEX® in .093 on the back.)

The blade rub in our sheaths is minimal.  Before molding each sheath, the knife is meticulously wraped with several layers of tape (specifically on the blade) to provide the extra space needed to prevent the dulling of your knife.  Some people are concerned about KYDEX rubbing and wearing down or scratching the blade.  The truth is that KYDEX when properly molded will not dull or scratch your blade any more than leather will.  Infact it allows for easier cleaning of dust and debri from inside your sheath.

There is a tiny 1/8" drain hole on the back of each sheath to let moisture escape and is helpful when you have to wash dirt out of your sheath.  (If you would rather not have this drain hole, please mention so in the comment box on the checkout page.)

All the edges are buffed for a smooth, professionally finished look that also helps to seal the edges by melting them together.

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