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In 2009, Matt made his own bushcraft knife with a blank steel from a high quality craftsman in the UK.  The knife was perfect.  But now the question was, how to carry the knife.  When Matt soon discovered he was not good with leather, he decided to give KYDEX a try.  His first KYDEX sheath was heated in the kitchen oven, pressed into shape by standing on boards padded with carpet scraps, and horribly lacking detail and professional appearance.  But it held the knife well, and the seeds of a new hobby and eventually our family business were planted.

Over the next few years, Matt continued to work with KYDEX perfecting his methods until he had a sheath he was well pleased with.  Friends and family began asking him to make KYDEX sheaths for their knives that came with less than desireable factory sheaths.  In order to fund this new hobby, Matt began to occaisionally sell sheaths on Ebay.  The more sheaths he sold, the more sheaths he made, until a part time hobby became a full-time business.


Meet the Nichols Family


We are a Christian, home-based, homeschooling, family business. We love our work, and we love the great outdoors. Hiking, shooting, archery, hunting, camping, practicing survival skills, and observing nature – these are some of the activities that our family likes best.  We know the importance of having quality tools and equipment that hold up to hard use.

The whole family gets involved from time to time in many activities from assembling bulk orders, to labeling packages, sweeping the shop, and just being cute on videos.

Matt is the mastermind and master craftsman behind the sheaths and holsters that are made here at Grizzly Outdoors.  


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