Grizzly Extreme Neck Sheath

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Truely a unique design for a great knife! Custom picked TWO colors, firesteel, button light, cool looking drain hole, approximately 4 feet of para cord, and cord lock all included.

The retention on this KYDEX® neck sheath is great. You will have no worries of your knife falling out even with the handle carried down, yet at the same time the design allows for an easy draw.

Comes with a 5/16″ diameter ferrocerium firesteel mounted on the front of the sheath. A great way to always have fire with you. Just scrape it with a piece of hard steel such as the back of your knife to emit long lasting sparks. A shock cord loop holds the firesteel in place as it wears down.

Also comes with a black INOVA button light mounted on the front of the sheath. The KYDEX® is cut out to allow you to press the button to shine the light.  The battery on the INOVA light is replaceable and other light colors may be available upon request.

Choose TWO colors to customize this sheath just the way you like!

Standard colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab.  Custom colors are available for extra cost.

Belt options available: large Tek-Lok and Molle-Lok.  (Please remember when choosing to add a Tek-Lok or Molle-Lok that this sheath is designed to be carried upside down.  This works out well if you want to carry it vertically on your belt, but gets a little more complicated if you wish to carry it horizontally on the back of your belt.   Please choose a left hand sheath if you plan to draw with your right hand from the back of your belt, or a right hand sheath if you plan to draw with your left hand from the back of your belt.)

Sheath Only! Knife not included.