Extreme Horizontal Sheath

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Custom picked TWO colors, firesteel, button light, attachment for a sharpener, Tek-Lok all included.

Designed for carrying at the small of your back on the back of your belt.  This sheath uses a Tek-Lok to mount horizontally on your belt.  For blades over 6" you have the option to add a second Tek-Lok.

Comes with a 5/16″ diameter ferrocerium firesteel mounted on the front of the sheath. A great way to always have fire with you. Just scrape it with a piece of hard steel such as the back of your knife to emit long lasting sparks. A shock cord loop holds the firesteel in place as it wears down.

Also comes with an INOVA button light mounted on the front of the sheath. The KYDEX® is cut out to allow you to press the button to shine the light.  The battery on the INOVA light is replaceable and other light colors may be available upon request.

Add a built in attachment for a blade sharpener.  Sharpener not included.  The Lansky Tactical Sharpener is available to purchase separately.

The retention on this sheath is great - nice and tight with a smooth draw.  Each sheath is individually tested for the best retention by shaking upside down.  You will have no worries of your knife falling out during normal use. This tight retention would make it difficult to remove the sheath if it weren't for our special thumb break design that allows for an easy draw.  (Disclaimer: the knife will come out if forcibly whipped.  If it didn't you wouldn't be able to draw it smoothly.  But the force it takes to whip the knife out of the sheath does not typically ocur during normal use.)

We specifically choose to use .093 thick KYDEX® whenever possible instead of the .080 thick KYDEX® that many others use.  This provides a stronger, more rigid sheath with less flex and a consistent, reliable retention.  (Please note that the camo colors only come in .080 thick KYDEX®.)

The blade rub in this sheath is minimal.  

There is a tiny 1/8" drain hole on the back of the sheath to let moisture escape and is helpful when you have to wash dirt out of your sheath.  (If you would rather not have this drain hole, please mention so in the comment box on the checkout page.)

All the edges are buffed for a smooth, professionally finished look that also helps to seal the edges by melting them together.

Each sheath is individually handcrafted for the best retention, strength, and quality.  Because each sheath is handcrafted not mass-produced by machine, please expect minor variances in each sheath.

 Sheath only.  Knife not included.