Urban Survival Sheath

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This sheath is specially designed to be inconspicuous for urban survival.  Easily concealable outside the waistband, this sheath can be carried in three ways: vertically with the offset platform and Tek-Lok, vertically with the Tek-Lok only without the offset platform, or horizontally with the Tek-Lok. 

This sheath is also ambidextrous.  You can easily switch the light and firesteel attachment to the opposite side of the sheath to carry it in either the scout position behind your back, vertically on your side, or cross draw.

Included is the Offset Platform, the Tek-Lok, and Inova button light, and a firesteel.

Choose your knife and the color you want.  Because this sheath is ambidextrous, if you choose a camo pattern the camo will be on both sides.

Sheath Only! Knife not included.

The sheath pictured is in Typhon Kryptek patterned KYDEX.